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According to the research that’s recently published on the Preventive Cardiology European Journal, people who like to drink tea regularly would likely to improve their heart health. In the journal, it is stated that drinking tea for at least three times a week will lead to better cardiovascular health, and eventually prolonged lifespan.

The journal also presented a larger scale and an in-depth result of research conducted with as many as 100,902 participants. The research was held by the Chinese Academy of Medical Science with such participants who, in fact, come from a certain category, including the different habit of drinking tea, and no prior history nor experience of cancer, heart attack, and stroke.

The participants, then, were divided into two groups: group A of people who regularly drink tea, and group B of people who don’t. After a time span of approximately 7 years, the research was followed up and showed a great result. Researchers were glad to announce that the participants who drink tea more frequently would happen to have a better heart condition, and stay healthier generally for a longer time.

Data said, 20 percent of the participants who were known as habitual tea drinkers would have a lesser chance to experience heart disease and stroke. Then, 22 percent of them would also less likely to develop the risk to die from a heart attack, any heart disease, and stroke. Finally, 15 percent of them would have a lesser risk to die of another cause as well.

Well, the result wasn’t just that. There was also a follow-up regarding to the study. When it comes to data, it even reached as many as 56% of the follow-up contributors who were deemed to have a lower risk of experiencing any fatal disease, including celiac disease and stroke.

How Could Tea Improve The Heart Health?

By now, you might be thinking how could drinking tea regularly just improve heart health significantly? The experts stated that the polyphenol found in tea is the main reason that such activity could benefit much in terms of our health. Polyphenol itself is an organic chemical that’s found in the majority type of tea.

A cardiologist from Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Satjit Bushri, told us that the polyphenol found in tea was derived from plants. And since plant-based minerals are well-known for its health benefit, drinking tea that’s been a rich source of polyphenol can be advantageous, too, for the body.

Moreover, a director of lipidology and cardiovascular health from Northwell Heart Hospital agreed on the fact that polyphenols and teas are very versatile in making cardiovascular health better. The benefits include in the improvement of blood vessel function, with them performing more dilating but less constricting. After all, tea themselves has also been deemed as one of the most crucial items to help us maintain our cholesterol level, and protect our cardiac state by reducing inflammation.

Which Tea Should We Opt For Achieving Such Good Result?

After reading all the great things about tea and feel a lot better with it, now it’s time to finally plan which type of tea we should choose to attain such good results to our body. On a serious note, there are various benefits that we can gain by drinking different types of tea as well. Check out these fun facts below:

  • Both black and green tea contains a high amount of polyphenols
  • The polyphenols in green tea act a lot better, and green tea drinkers themselves are more pronounced healthier than the black tea drinkers
  • The health benefits from tea can be slightly or largely reduced by adding excessive sugar, creamer, and tea to the beverage
  • There is a consideration where it states the health benefits are performed a lot stronger in men, rather than in women


We’d absolutely recommend you to drink tea more often and regularly, starting from this year. Especially for you, non-tea drinkers, or non-habitual tea drinkers, it’s such a right time to start living a healthier lifestyle and diet, and that includes adding a cup of black or green tea to your routine menu.

If it’s not really possible for you to enjoy tea, the polyphenol can also be found in berries, dark chocolate, and red wine. It is loud and clear to announce that drinking tea regularly will improve heart health, but also take it considerably according to your own health condition.