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Some foods are actually so great that they are not only well-known for healthy diets but also able to help you lower cholesterol. Since they are a part of a beneficial healthy diet, it’d be better for all us to consume them with a decent portion every day. The more we have them for our diet, the more they can act to help us lower cholesterol, too.

5 Foods to Help Lower Cholesterol

Here are the most recommended 5 foods to consume in order to achieve lower cholesterol level:

  1. Foods with unsaturated fats

For your information, a healthier diet for lowering cholesterol levels is mainly especially done with cutting down foods with high saturated level. Thus, replacing them with foods with unsaturated level is highly suggested if one wants to lower their cholesterol.

The foods with unsaturated fats include vegetable oils, like olive oils, corn, seed, and sunflower oils; spreads made from vegetable oils; nuts; and seeds. However, try avoiding coconut and palm oil, unlike the previously mention vegetable oils, as they have high saturated fats.

Fish is also said to be a good source of omega 3 that acts as healthy unsaturated fats for our body. Aim to have at least two portions every week. Fresh, frozen, or tinned all count.

  1. Fruits and veggies

Fruits and veggies are known resourceful to lower the cholesterol level, thanks to their fibers, minerals, vitamins, and plant chemicals that help one to stay healthy and avoid diseases. Especially they fiber, it blocks fats from being absorbed into the bloodstream, thus preventing the increasing cholesterol level. In fact, the majority of fruit and veggies contain little to no fat, and have low calories, too, so it’d be possible for us to eat lots of it and stay in a healthier weight.

  1. Oats

Oats are grains with a high amount of fibers, called Beta Glucan. Having at least three games of Beta Glucan each day will help one to maintain their healthier diet, and eventually lead them to a lower cholesterol level.

When Beta Glucan is consumed, it binds the cholesterol-rich acids by forming a gel in the intestines. This condition limits or blocks the absorption of cholesterol acid. By doing such an advantage, the liver takes more cholesterol out of the blood, and that means lowering the cholesterol.

  1. Soya foods

As has been mention earlier, nuts are great to help lowering cholesterol, and that includes soya foods. The beans and foods contain high protein, minerals, and vitamins, plus, they are low in unsaturated fats. If possible, you can try replacing meat and dairy products with more soya alternatives as an amazing effort to start living with a healthier diet and lifestyle.

  1. Sterols and Stanols

Sterols and Stanols are chemicals that have similar shape and size as cholesterol. As a good plant chemical, they act as the blocker in the intestines to prevent cholesterol acid from being absorbed into the bloodstream. Getting even a small amount of foods with Sterols and Stanols, like yogurt drinks and milks, will be helpful enough to help to lower the cholesterol.