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Gluten Free Banana Bread Almond Flour Vegan

Are we still baking banana bread? Is that still a thing? Of course it is. I established this banana bread gluten free recipe in response to one of the most usual concerns on my healthy banana bread dish: “Can I make this with almond flour?”

While my go-to banana bread dish provides other gluten-free alternatives within the post (consisting of a delicious oat flour option), the almond flour solution is not as straightforward. I believe it took me 7 attempts to obtain this recipe just right!

This version needed several alterations, so I’m sharing it as its own dish today. I’ll likewise stroll you with exactly how I modified the recipe to deal with almond flour, which could be handy if it’s your favored flour, or you happen to have a surplus in your cupboard.

This banana bread is really tender, decadent and also damp. These high qualities are natural byproducts of using almond flour and also added eggs to hold the bread with each other.

This “bread” nearly advises me of pound cake in structure, and it might absolutely pass as banana cake– probably you want to cover it with cream cheese icing.

While it’s different in texture from my preferred banana bread, this gluten-free banana bread is remarkable in its own right.

Like the other dish, it’s easy to mix together– by hand, in one dish, no less! It’s also normally sweetened with honey or syrup. As well as, I believe it certifies as paleo also.

Just How to Make Almond Flour-Based Banana Bread

I essentially crossed my healthy and balanced banana bread recipe with the lemony-almond blueberry cake in my recipe book, Love Real Food (page 197). Below are the adjustments I made, as well as why:

Substituted the flour by gauging equal weight (in grams), not by quantity (in mugs).

Almond flour is actually lighter than “normal” flour (all objective or whole wheat) when you’re gauging them in the very same style (mixed, spooned right into mugs, and also leveled with a blade). One cup of routine flour weighs about 125 grams, whereas one cup of almond flour considers about 92 grams.

I have actually located that flour alternatives exercise better when you maintain the weight constant. 1 3/4 mugs (220 grams) regular flour is the equivalent of 2 1/2 cups (230 grams, close enough) almond flour.

This is likewise true for oat flour. Remarkably, with almond flour, I’ve discovered that an additional method to keep the weight constant is to simply load the almond flour right into the determining cups. When fully loaded, you can make use of the initial dimension of 1 3/4 cups.

A little reduced the oil.

Almonds, like all nuts, normally consist of some oil. They have even more oil than the very percentage you’ll locate in entire wheat flour. Fun reality: all-purpose flour has been removed of all oils, which is why it keeps much longer.

I was able to decrease the quantity of oil in this recipe slightly, by going down the oil from 1/3 cup to 1/4 cup. I was able to obtain by with as little as 2 tbsps oil in this dish, yet I enjoy the rich texture created by 1/4 mug.

Omitted the milk.

Normal flour takes in much more wetness than almond flour, which is rarely absorbent in all. I discovered that I really did not require the percentage of milk (1/4 cup) required in the initial recipe.

Added 2 added eggs.

Eggs are absolutely key to achieving an appropriate rise for baked items made with almond flour.

Most of my baked products made with routine flour call for two eggs, while this one calls for 4, or the middle will be deeply sunken in and damp. (Actually, these images show the bread a little sinking in the center, but my other batches were perfectly mounded– possibly the eggs used for the images were smaller sized than the eggs I had made use of in previous examinations).

Why do you need more eggs? Regular flours contain gluten, which is a protein that offers framework. It essentially produces a structure that loaded with air pockets and remains lofty after cooking.

Almond flour is gluten totally free, which suggests that we’re mosting likely to have to discover structure somewhere else. Actual eggs are the only remedy that I know of that can supply enough framework.

Do not attempt to make this bread with flax eggs rather– you’ll wind up with an unsavory pudding-like scenario.

Included baking powder, and also lowered the baking soda.

While my banana bread dish increases beautifully with cooking soda, this nut flour-based variation needs help from both cooking soft drink as well as baking powder.

Cooking powder is double-acting, which means that it starts producing bubbles when mixed with liquid, as well as generates more bubbles when it’s warmed.

Given that we included baking powder (which in fact contains some sodium bicarbonate), we’ll reduce the quantity of baking soft drink.

One more factor is that baking soft drink is a lot more powerful than cooking powder, and we merely need much less when they’re utilized together.

In summary: The answer to the question, “Can I substitute almond flour?” is not so basic! Fortunately is that I utilize a comparable formula for many of my quick bread dishes (like my pumpkin bread and also zucchini bread) and also muffins, so you can likely use this recipe as a design template to change the others.